We are a creative agency specialized in photography and web design & development.


Who We Are and What We Do

YUSHiiN LABO is a creative agency specialized in photography and web design and development. We work collaboratively with highly talented team of creatives in Vancouver and Tokyo to deliver innovative and human-centered experiences to our clients.

Over 20 years experience in photography based in Tokyo, we take pride in bringing exceptional quality and services. Always put the clients needs first, plan tailor-made photo shoot, and create memorable and beautiful means of visual expression though photography.

In ever-evolving digital age, our creative team can help crafting the digital platform that is always one step ahead of today. We work together with you, from thoughtful custom-tailored strategy to design to development. Our commitment extends to follow-up services, managing and updating your digital content to make online experience stress-free.

Our focus is always on personalized service and interactive connection between our creative experts and the client. We would like to be your long standing creative partner.



Experience the magic of true visual expert.

YUSHiiN captures images that are beyond photographic expressions whether a subject is individual, object or space. With 2 decades of experience in location-hunting, framing, composition, lighting, and visual direction, and his ability to deeply connect with the subject and attention to the most precise details make his photography highly sought after by wide range of clients over the world.

Web Design & Development

Make a complex digital production a simple one.

Whether you run a small, medium, or big business, or have personal project in mind, we are happy to provide one-on-one services to every aspect of your digital needs. In an industry that is always evolving, we strive to be the front runner to help you achieve successful, friendly online experience.


Communication Specialist

A good relationship starts with good communication.

Our communication specialist listens to your story, get to know your business, and create thoughtfully crafted experience whether in photography or website creation. We ensure that your values are reflected and you are engaged in the collaboration process, and that each project receives the time and care it deserves.

About Team



Approachable and straightforward, YUSHiiN is a gifted image maker. His pictures speak out the inner beauty and harmony within the subject.


Communication Specialist / Beauty Director

MINA enjoys working for others behind the scene. She is also a world-renowned makeup artist and her expertise in sense of style and beauty spice up the creative process.

John Suman

Web Designer / Front-end Developer

John is a true problem solver in the digital maze. He is at his best when up for a challenge and provides functional solutions to make your digital experience a better and simpler one.

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