Master Class- Lean the magic of fermentation!

We are super excited to start our Master Class series – learn from masters of all kinds of fields. We kick start by welcoming a fermentation specialist, Rieko Teramoto, from Japan.

①DEMO+DINE : Introduction to KOJI (malted rice)

6/15 (SAT) / 11:00am-14:00pm

6/18 (TUE) / 11:00am-14:00pm

In this 3 hour class, you will learn:

amazing health benefits of KOJI and its various delicious receipes.

how to make Shio-Koji (fermented mixture of salt, water, & koji), Aamzake (fermented rice      

    drink), and Shoyu-Koji (koji in soy sauce).

how to make vegetable pickles using Shio-Koji, marinade, and vegan curry with fermented br

    won rice.

tips, tricks, and tools for successful fermentation.

COOK+DINE : NUKAZUKE ( pickles in a fermented rice bran) and OSHIZUSHI

(pressed  sushi)

6/16 (SUN)  / 11:00am-14:00pm

6/19 (WED) / 11:00am-14:00pm

In this 3 hour class, you will learn:

traditional method of how to pickle vegetables in a fermented rice bran bed, `Nukadoko`.

how to make and maintain a healthy Nukadoko at your own home.

how to make Oshizushi (prerssed sushi) and its suitable ingredients.

technical tools for making Oshizushi.


Each class will be conducted in Japanese with English translation. All materials will be served.

You will enjoy one-plate lunch with each demonstrated dish!


**Please book your spot by e-mail or

**Only limited number of sposts available so please book well in adavance!