A Local Project

Supporting local and sustainable practices are a big part of our work ethic and lifestyle. VOICE started during COVID-19 to support locally owned businesses.  Many were hit hard with all the uncertainty.  We felt we could give back to our community and encourage fellow small business owners like ourselves to keep strong by offering our creative services. We first started off on foot to discover the unique and different shops that made up the fabric of our community.  We captured uplifting portraits and candid interviews of local restaurants, cafes, breweries, grocery stores, bakers, makers and more! A special instagram account was created to bring "VOICE" to the local business owners.

Our meaningful conversations soon made us realize that VOICE was not only meant to be a local project during the time of crisis. It provided an important opportunity to re-evaluate and reshape the things around us. We hope to bring about some positive change to how we live, how we shop and how we eat for a better future. We are committed to bringing a positive impact to our community by making VOICE a donation-based project. Giving half of the donation to a local charity is our way of investing in a better and stronger community. Every few months, we will select a charity that favors and supports clean environment, food shortage, or any other pressing issues within our community.



Welbert, head chef @foragevancouver...

S'wich CAFE


Leah, Michelle, manager, and Aisha...

BLVD Bistro


Erik, owner/chef @blvdbistronv...

Vegan Pudding & Co.


Sora and Hiro, owner and chef...

Palki Restaurant North Vancouver


Bhupinder, owner @palki.restaurant...

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