10 QUESTIONS with Lightning Rock Winery

Q1: How was your summer 2021?

Jordan (J): “It was hot, too hot! It was also dry and smoky! But our grapes are super hardy. We gave our grapes some seaweed spray so it helped them survive through the heat.”

Q2: Climate change is one of the most pressing issues today. How have the recent wild fires affected your business or your approach to winemaking and farming?

J: “With all the negative things that come with the forest fires, our approach to farming hasn’t changed because there are lots of positive sides as well. Ashes are actually good for the soil. A lot of plants in BC need a fire to grow. The harder one for us this year was the heat dome when it reached to 46℃ here. We will see how things will go with the climate change, but for us, it is about adjusting to a new normal and learning as much as we can from other places that go through similar things.”

Q3: On top of the climate change, there is a pandemic. How do you see your winery evolving through the pandemic time and in a post pandemic world?

J: “We started in 2017 as a winery and we didn’t sell our wines until December of 2018. 90% of our business was with restaurants in Vancouver at the time. We didn’t even have a tasting room or a big wine club. With the pandemic, we had to make a huge pivot and switched to direct consumer sales. With zoom tastings and so much social media, we really grew our wine club; it is a quarterly shipment of 6 wine bottles. I don’t know how much of that is the pandemic or us growing as a business but now we are selling out more wines than pre-pandemic times.”

Q4: What is the biggest joy working in a winery?

J: “We work so hard, share our wines with people and watch them experience it. That is just amazing. We are not trying to please a huge range of palettes, but people we do connect with, they are really strong supporters of us. Their excitement really fuels what we are doing.”

Q5: If you were not in the wine industry, what would you be?

J: “I almost joined the circus once….(She was a dancer for 17 years!) Maybe a diving instructor. Something outdoor, adventurous and chill. Tyler and I enjoyed lots of diving in between harvests when we were working in the Southern Hemisphere. The Galapagos was so cool!”

Q6: What is your current favorite wine and how would you like to enjoy it?

J: “I have to choose a favorite from my babies? I can’t! But, just because it is a little bit cooler today, I would say Cannyonview Pinot Noir, and I would pair it with barbecued morel mushrooms with lots of butter. Fresh tomato pasta with basil and Manchego cheese would be really good too.”

Q7: “Where is your go-to-spots when you are off work?”

J: “Detonate Brewing is probably where we hang out most in Summerland. And, we love going to Pizzeria Tratto and Neighborhood Brewing in Penticton. For outdoor, we love going to Skaha Bluffs for climbing.”

Q8: How can people enjoy the Okanagan in the fall?

J: “Fall is the best time to visit the Okanagan! If you want to experience a harvest, you can contact your favorite winery and see if they need help. That would be fun. It is the time when all the food is ready. So bountiful. People are doing harvest dinners and restaurants are cooking with fresh harvest of the season.”

Q9: How is this year’s harvest looking?

J: “This year’s harvest is looking early because it was hot! Everything is ripening really well and we see very little disease pressure this year. I am excited for this harvest!”

Q10: In a few words, how would you best describe Lightning Rock?

J: “We are a truly independent, family owned and operated winery, making electric living wine!”